How to enjoy being single

Canadian Living

By Diana Faria

If you’re the last unattached body in your circle of friends, you may be left experiencing a host of unexpected emotions. From being left out of ‘couples night’ to feeling like the fifth wheel, our relationship experts offer some friendly advice to help you cope with the next chapter in your life.

While some women are comfortable and happy with being single and free, others may sometimes feel a sense of sadness when it appears everyone around them is married but them. We asked Vancouver-based registered clinical counsellor and couples therapist Iona Monk and Toronto-based relationships expert Stacie Ikka for advice on how to get over this temporary bump, and embrace life as a currently single person.

Take time for yourself

Zero in on the great aspects of singlehood, such as freedom and more time to do the things you enjoy. Ikka tells her clients to identify three things outside of their work life that excites them, and then suggests making those three activities their top priority.

“It brings a more positive focus and purpose to their life,” Ikka says. “There is a ton of research and evidence to support that the more you enjoy the time you’re spending day to day, the more positive and fulfilled you are, the more whole you become and therefore you are more likely to attract good and appropriate people into your life.”…..

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