Simple tips to help you save money everyday

Canadian Living


Trying to save money can feel nearly impossible between busy schedules and everyday routines, even in the best of economies. We spoke with Pat Foran, CTV’s consumer advocate and author of The Smart, Savvy Consumer – How to save and spend wisely (Nov. 2011), and he shared helpful ways to curb spending habits by making simple changes in your everyday life.

Saving money over breakfast, lunch and dinner
Did you know coughing up five to 10 dollars when you stop by a coffee shop everyday could cost you nearly $1,800 per year? That’s money you could be easily saving or investing. Consider packing your own coffee or tea in a mug or thermos for your trip to work and purchase groceries that can be used for breakfast at home. Your wallet will thank you in the long run.

Going out for lunch or dinner every day can also lighten your wallet quite a bit.

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